Sensitive Areas

Sensitive area in the State of Uttar Pradesh



D.O. No. 6/11/78 EVN. VEL. IV

Dr. T.N. Khashoo

Department of Environment
Bikaner House, Shahjahan Rd,New Delhi.
May, 3 1983

My Dear Shri Khosala,

I am to inform you that the prime Minister has stressed that no industry with any pollution potential should be allowed in Agra-Mathura Region. A Geographical Zone around Taj Mahal (A Trapezium bounded by longitudes 77 15' E or the West 78 30' E or the East and lines joining latitudes 27 45 to 27' N on the south), Where no polluting industries should be permitted, was identified and notified officially to all concerned Ministries/Department of Central and State Governments (UP/Rajasthan) earlier, As such. it is requested that you may kindly ensure that no industry with pollution potential is allowed in the demarcated area.

With Kind Regards,

Sri R.J. Khosala
Chief Secretary,
Government of Uttar Pradesh,
Lucknow U.P.

Sincerely Yours
SD/ T.N. Khashoo